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78-83 - Joey Gallo hits ‘em for forever: Rangers win 8-4

LSB’s favorite large adult son Joey Gallo put on a show in Rangers victory

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

The Rangers appear to have solved that whole beating the A’s thing after winning last night and then punishing Oakland tonight 8-4 for perhaps our last half price pizza of the year.

While Texas was getting a productive night from a spring training-level lineup, Andrew Cashner solidified his position of gettin’ paid this winter by tossing six innings and allowing just two runs on five hits.

Cashner, who will finish his 2017 campaign with 11 wins and a 3.40 ERA, remarkably pitched well for Texas pretty much all season despite Yovani Gallardo-esque peripherals.

If this ends up being the one and only season Cashner pitches for his hometown Rangers, it was definitely a personal success and a success by the front office to get this season on the cheap despite the team failing to make use of the success.

Player of the Game: Joey Gallo is going out with a bang hitting two home runs tonight including one that I’m pretty sure hasn’t landed yet. Gallo has now hit 41 home runs this season in what will be remembered as his breakout season before his reign as American League MVP for the next half decade begins in 2018.

In addition to the two dongs, three RBIs, and three runs scored, Gallo also walked twice while skipping out on the third true outcome that baseball ingrates most know him for.

Up Next: The final time you’ll see the Texas Rangers for the next six months. ;_;

The finale first pitch is scheduled for 2:05 pm CT.