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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Smell ya later, 2017

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. When Valentine’s candy starts to appear in the stores, you know it’s almost time for pitchers and catchers to report for Spring Training.

We had our wild predictions for 2018 yesterday but they weren’t wild enough for Levi Weaver who went hogwild-to-buckwild with his wild as heck prognostications.

Did you forget that the Rangers somehow convinced the city of Arlington to build them a new stadium? The DMN recaps the details of the future home of the Rangers.

At The Upset, Kevin Carter finishes his top ten prospects list with prospects 5 through 1. After Newberg’s list from yesterday, Michael Matuella is appears to be the most polarizing player in the system.

The Buffalo Bills miraculously made the playoffs on Sunday meaning the Seattle Mariners now hold the distinction of having gone the longest without making the playoffs among the four major US sports leagues.

haha Seattle
The Simpsons

And, lastly, SB Nation’s Ryan Nanni proved that dreams can still come true even here in the year 2018.

Have a nice day!