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Cleveland Indians end Chief Wahoo use as of 2019

The New York Times says that MLB and the Cleveland Indians have agreed that the Indians will not use the “Chief Wahoo” logo beginning in 2019

Chief Wahoo Photo by Dustin Franz for the Washington Post

The Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo logo, which has been the source of a fair amount of controversy in recent years, will no longer be part of the team’s uniform or branding at Progressive Field as of the 2019 season, per the New York Times. The Times has a statement from MLB Commission Rob Manfred saying that Indians chairman Paul Dolan agreed with MLB’s position that the logo was inappropriate, and should be eliminated.

Chief Wahoo, described in the Times piece as a “grinning caricature,” has come under fire in recent years as being an inappropriate emblem that the Times noted was considered by opponents of its use to be “offensive, outdated and racist.” The issue came into particular focus in 2016, when the Indians made it to the World Series, and the logo (as well as fans dressing in red face as Chief Wahoo) received more national attention.