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Thinking about Adrian Beltre

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Some ruminations on the season that was for Adrian Beltre, and the possibility he won’t return

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

I’d like to write another recap about the season after this one, one not so Beltre-centric because there are other players that deserve a spotlight, specifically some of the baby Rangers, but after Sunday’s game, it’s hard not to talk about anyone else but Beltre.

When the 2018 season started, my biggest fear was Adrian Beltre being traded. Retirement never even crossed my mind.

In April, it for sure felt like the worst thing we would witness as Rangers fans was Adrian Beltre being traded and possibly winning a ring with a team that wasn’t “ours.”

Then the trade deadline came around and suddenly Beltre wasn’t sure if he was coming back next season.

And I swear in that moment my baseball heart stopped.

I’m happy Adrian Beltre is retiring his way. Before this season, I was so terrified that Beltre would be one of the players forced into retirement. That the last time we’d see him play would be because he’s injured. Every pulled hamstring, I prayed that wouldn’t be how it ended.

I’m glad he’s going to have more time now with his family.

However, there’s a selfish part of me that hopes he’s reading all of these write ups of him retiring and he’s just laughing because he’s fooled us all and he’s gonna show up at spring training next year and like “well of course i’m here!”

But with how Sunday went down, hugging all his teammates, coaches, and the trainers. How he’s interacted with the beat writers, how open he’s been in sharing stories, like he’s reminiscing. He seems content and Sunday seemed very much like goodbye.

There’s a very good chance I write more about Beltre in the off-season because I’m not ready to fully accept he’s retiring, even though I also feel like I have. Is it possible to be in a place of both acceptance and denial?

I cried and I have no shame in that. I only wish someone would’ve told me 10 years ago when I decided to watch a Rangers baseball game that I would get emotionally invested in this team. And not only in the team but the players. Specifically warn me that Adrian Beltre could not play forever even though he is some kind of super human.

Then again we’ve never been witness to a player quite like Adrian Beltre.