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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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It’s over

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Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Good morning. Tough day yesterday has given way to an increasingly rare melancholic start to October around these parts. It’s probably good that there’s no 2018 version of the Texas Rangers to suffer today nor tomorrow nor the next day but it’s always hard facing the knowledge that we’re at the longest point before getting to see our favorite team play baseball again. At least the Stars look fun! Hockey season!

T.R. Sullivan writes about Sunday’s 3-1 finale loss for the Rangers in Seattle in what might have been Adrian Beltre’s final game.

Evan Grant writes that if that was the end for Adrian Beltre, at least he got to go out on his own terms while hugging his friends and teammates.

Levi Weaver writes that no one — including Beltre himself — really knows yet if this was the end but it had a finality to it.

Jeff Wilson eulogizes a Rangers season in 2018 that was dead on arrival and ponders Beltre’s future.

Matt Fisher writes that the losses in the final weeks didn’t matter as the Rangers gave the baseball world time to celebrate Adrian Beltre.

Sullivan identifies some of the big questions the Rangers will need to answer in what is now the offseason.

Grant writes that, though it just became autumn on the calendar, winter is indeed here and runs down what is in store for the Rangers this offseason.

Wilson checks in with Elvis Andrus who quietly also could have suited up in a Rangers uniform for the last time.

Sullivan writes about Elvis’ looming opt-out decision though the only shortstop the Rangers have known since 2009 is currently already leaning toward coming back.

Jim Callis lists the final (pending today’s games 163) 2019 MLB Draft order. The Rangers will pick 8th. If you’re sitting there thinking, “Man, 95 losses sure seems like a lot of losses to be picking 8th.” Well, you’d be right.

As we discovered in 2014, the Rangers can’t even win at losing.

Grant has notes on the draft pick drama of the final day and Jurickson Profar’s breakout season.

Jamey Newberg takes you inside the Don Welke On Deck Classic annual prospects game between the Rangers and Padres youngsters.

And, lastly...

Have a nice offseason!