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Thursday Morning Links

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant says that the managers whose teams are still alive in the World Series hunt all have similarities, including legit major league experience, youth, and having attended good colleges.

Gerry Fraley looks at Joe Espada as a potential Banister replacement, noting he’s got some similarities with Alex Cora, like coming from the Astros and being a carbon based life form.

Evan’s mailbag column makes a bold prediction and talks about potential trades and roster moves.

The Rangers have done due diligence on 7 managerial candidates, including Mark DeRosa, Rod Barajas, and Sandy Alomar, all of which I think would make AJM happy.

Jeff Wilson says that sources have confirmed that Jayce Tingler and Sandy Alomar, Jr. are candidates in which the Rangers have shown interest.

Well, that’s a pretty inflammatory question.

Jamey Newberg has some sunny optimism for you, noting that the season ending prematurely means we have that much longer to focus on all of the potentially wonderful things that could happen in the offseason.