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Texas Rangers rumors: Mark DeRosa declines manager interview

Jon Morosi reports Mark DeRosa has opted to stay with the MLB Network rather than interview for the Rangers vacant managerial position

Texas Rangers vs Kansas City Royals - June 7, 2006 Photo by G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors: Mark DeRosa, former MLB player and current MLB Network analyst, has been a much-discussed potential managerial candidate for several of the teams that are seeking a new manager this offseason, including the Texas Rangers. However, Jon Morosi says that DeRosa declined an opportunity to interview with the Rangers, with Morosi saying DeRosa is “enjoying his current role at MLB Network.”

Its an understandable decision for DeRosa, who would seem to be set financially (Baseball Reference has his career earnings at $29 million from his playing days), and who has a gig that allows him to be involved in the game without having to deal with the stress, time commitment and overall grind that being a manager would require. While DeRosa may be a good manager, my thoughts on him are the same as with Michael Young — if an individual doesn’t feel like they have the desire to make the commitment necessary to be a manager, it probably doesn’t make sense to try to convince them otherwise. Its a difficult, taxing job, even for those who really want to do it. If I had a choice between going on television and talking about baseball on a regular basis, while being able to spend plenty of time with my family, or having to commit to an exponentially greater workload where you are constantly under the microscope and subject to criticism, while also dealing with a heavy travel schedule, well...I know which one I would pick.

I suspect the Rangers will continue interviewing candidates over the next week or so — they have already interviewed Jayce Tingler, Joe Espada, Joe Girardi and Brandon Hyde — and narrow the list down to three or four candidates by next week.