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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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People actually wrote things about the Rangers this time!

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers have added David Bell and Rocco Baldelli to the list of people who have interviewed to become the next manager in Texas.

Jeff Wilson writes about Bell and Baldelli as candidates while I mostly remember son-of-Buddy David Bell as a thorn in the Rangers’ side as a member of the annoyingly good turn-of-the-century Mariners (indeed, my memory is unfortunately pristine as Bell had a career slash of .337/.374/.546 against Texas in 55 games) and Baldelli as a top prospect from the worst years of the Devil Rays before his career was sidelined almost exactly as the team became good (in fact, Baldelli actually appeared in one game of the 2010 ALDS against Texas before he was removed from the roster due to complications from a mitochondrial channelopathy diagnosis and never played again). Either of these people becoming manager of the Rangers would make me instantly turn to dust from being a million years old.

With the knowledge that apparently the Anaheim Angels are making candidates for their own open managerial position take two hour written tests, Levi Weaver explores what makes a good manager and what a test to become the next manager of the Texas Rangers would (should?) look like.

Wilson wonders, hey, why not Ron Washington?

In addition to a new manager, the Rangers will also need a new hitting coach as Sullivan notes that Anthony Iapoce is heading back to Chicago to become the hitting coach for the Cubs.

And, lastly, Jim Callis gets around to writing about the Rangers prospects currently playing in the Arizona Fall League which includes the king of the K-rate among minor leaguers in 2018.

Have a nice day!