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Baseball America South Atlantic League top 20 prospects includes three Texas Rangers

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The Rangers placed three prospects in the BA top 20 list for the South Atlantic League

Cincinnati Reds v Miami Marlins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

The Baseball American top 20 prospect list for the South Atlantic League is out, and three Texas Rangers prospects made the list.

Bubba Thompson, the center fielder who was the Rangers’ first round pick in the 2017 draft, was the highest ranked Ranger, coming in at #5 and earning praise for performing well and having good at bats despite this being his first year focusing just on baseball. Tyler Phillips, the 2015 16th round RHP who had a breakout year for the Hickory Crawdads, checked in at #9 on the list. Finally, A.J. Alexy, part of the Yu Darvish trade, and like Phillips a RHP who was a later round pick from a cold weather state, grabbed the #19 spot.

Thompson and Phillips were the only two players I thought were a lock for the list. Alexy is someone who I thought would be in the mix at the back end. Other players who I suspect were in consideration are Tyreque Reed, the big first baseman who struggled early but finished the year strong, and righthanded relievers Demarcus Evans and Joe Barlow, who had very good years and were almost untouchable in the second half. Evans and Barlow are going to get a chance to show their stuff against more advanced hitters in the Arizona Fall League this month.