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Justin Mashore out as Rangers assistant hitting coach

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MLB: Texas Rangers-Media Day Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers assistant hitting coach Justin Mashore will not return for 2019, per the beat guys on Twitter. Decisions on the rest of the coaching staff will wait until a new manager is hired, though reports have indicated they will be given the opportunity to talk to other clubs in the meantime if they wish.

It is interesting that Mashore, who has been on the major league coaching staff for the Rangers since 2016, and was a hitting coach at Round Rock prior to that, is the one coach who the Rangers are cutting loose before the managerial search has advanced to the interview stage. While some fans have called for the Rangers to clean house, the front office appears open to keeping at least most of the current coaching staff around, depending on the desires of the next manager.

The decision to move on from Mashore leads me to wonder if there was a philosophical difference in what he was teaching versus what the organization wanted to emphasis, or if there were other issues that led to the move.