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Friday Morning LInks

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Harmon, who has been the Rangers’ head athletic trainer since 2013 and with the organization since 2003, will retire next Thursday.

Rougned Odor showed a huge improvement in his defense this season and is a candidate for the Rawlings Award for defensive excellence.

Tim Cowlishaw put on his My Chemical Romance playlist and penned a depressing column about the future of the Rangers (spoiler alert: there is no God, we have no pitching, we live in a cold and unfeeling universe that will keep expanding until it dies an inevitable heat death at which point we still will have never won a World Series).

Here’s what the Rangers’ prospects did in the AFL yesterday.

Jeff Wilson wonders if the Rangers’ even know what they’re looking for in a managerial candidate.

Levi Weaver has five questions that the Rangers will need to answer before Opening Day.