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Wednesday Morning Links


MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant comes not to praise the Rangers, but to bury them. And by that I mean he has a lengthy and grim column about what is to come (spoiler alert: more losing).

Jurickson Profar had a nifty season playing a bunch of different positions and proving himself handy with the bat.

Nomar Mazara probably will not need surgery on the ulnar collateral ligament in his right hand and the Rangers are likely to decline the 2019 options on Matt Moore, Martin Perez, and Doug Fister.

Assistant hitting coach Justin Mashore was given his walking papers yesterday, but Jon Daniels says that they are holding off on making sweeping changes to the coaching staff for now. Except for Justin Mashore, who change has swept into the unemployment line.

Kevin Sherrington says that the Rangers should trade Nomar Mazara for pitching as the other trade candidates are either untradeable or Joey Gallo.

Jon Daniels wants you season ticket holders to understand that he will not be sitting on his hands this offseason, no sir, and we have a core of young position players ready to compete in the postseason if he can find an entire rotation in his couch cushions or something.

Hey, maybe a clearance rack rotation will surprise us, you never know.