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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Bring Back Lewin

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Japan v MLB All Stars - Game 1 Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images

Good morning.

All is quiet in Ranger land despite Josh Lewin being available to call baseball games. If the Rangers really wanted to make a splash free agent signing, there you go. Lewin would be the best investment a committed to development (aka, not talented enough to compete) team could make. I think that’s what we’re calling the rebuild in Texas these days.

Lewin should go straight into the baseball Hall of Fame for making the middle Aughts Rangers even remotely watchable. It would be nice if the Rangers fixed one of the more embarrassing mistakes in franchise history and brought Lewin back to salvage the nearly decade-long lackluster telecast the Rangers have been running out there since Nolan and the new owners decided they needed to Texas up the place after 2010.

Unfortunately, though Lewin has alluded to the fact that he already has a new gig lined up, there’s zero reason to believe it’s in Texas. And, really, he has no reason to come back to a place that didn’t want him, especially when he’s made roots in San Diego. Looks like we’re stuck with the guy who actively hates fans in perpetuity.

Also, as far as news or whatever, Jamey Newberg continues his rankings of the top 72 prospects with No. 48 through No. 37.

Have a nice day.