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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Darren Oliver: Hall of Fame(ballot)r!

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Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Good morning. We should know more about what the roster will look like in 2019 this evening as today is the deadline to add potential Rule 5 eligible players to the 40-man.

T.R. Sullivan writes that Michael Young (and Darren Oliver, too!) has been selected to appear on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time. Would I vote for him to become a Hall of Famer? No, probably not. Is it cool that a guy who I thought shouldn’t even play over Frank Catalanotto almost 20 years ago made it onto the ballot? Definitely.

Over at The Athletic, Ken Rosenthal expands on his note that the Rangers would be willing to trade Mike Minor despite having a grand total of one Mike Minor as far as their 2019 rotation goes at the moment.

And, finally for today, a young Patrick Mahomes II was once told that he should give up football... by Alex Rodriguez.

Have a nice day.