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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Go vote right now

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Divisional Round - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Three Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Good morning. Have you voted? If not, perhaps vote.

T.R. Sullivan notes that the Rangers introduced Chris Woodward as their latest manager in a press conference yesterday.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers currently have a team and stadium under construction which is why Woodward fits as something of a work in progress himself.

Levi Weaver explores the emotional reason that Woodward will wear the number 8 on his jersey as manager of the Rangers.

The Associated Press explains why new skipper Woodward already feels a kinship with Rangers fans. (It’s not for a fun reason.)

Drew Davison writes that Woodward’s expectations are to win the World Series in Texas after the Rangers hired him instead of going for a bigger name.

Kevin Sherrington writes that Jon Daniels needs to get the rebuild right for Woodward to even have a chance at being a successful hire.

Matt Fisher came away impressed with Woodward after hearing Woodward’s relatable managerial thoughts.

Switching gears, Jeff Wilson writes that now that hiring a manager is out of the way, the Rangers can focus on their real goal for this offseason: Finding anyone who can throw a baseball.

Mark Feinsand aims to see a chicken in every pot and a free agent signee in every clubhouse as he looks for the single best free agent fit for every team.

And, lastly, in case you weren’t already aware, Chris Woodward’s claim to fame isn’t becoming manager of the Texas Rangers, it’s guest starring with Drake on Canada’s favorite teen drama show Degrassi. Downtown Sasquatch > #nevereverquit

Have a nice day! (Also, vote.)