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2018 Community Projections - Final Results!

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And the winner is... Richard Hiney, esq! The artist formerly known as LSJ had the lowest overall average of our human participants. The FanGraphs Depth Chart projections had a slightly lower score than all the LSB entries in a proper demonstration that predicting the future is hard and the refined systems with years of effort put into them generally do it better than individuals.

Here’s a link to the big spreadsheet with everything in it and all the tabulated results.

2018 Community Projections Final Results - Top 10

Rank Commenter Total
Rank Commenter Total
System FanGraphs Depth Charts 1.57
1 Richard Hiney, esq 1.60
2 thegreatjared 1.67
3 ok.fester 1.72
4 KevinWC 1.80
5 hefe300 1.82
6 TxPower 1.83
7 slc ranger 1.84
8 Rouginator 1.85
9 Lil Nubber 1.85
10 kinsler61 1.86
System 2017 Season 1.87
System LSB Average 2.11