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Wednesday Morning Links


MLB: Winter Meetings Daniel Clark-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant asks if Jurickson Profar could by the booby prize for teams that don’t land Manny Machado, and then answers “maybe!”

Brandon McCarthy has been hired as a special assistant to Jon Daniels, which is great because he always seemed like a smart (and nice!) guy.

The Rangers are talking to teams about Jurickson Profar and have traded for a potential replacement.

Evan Grant suggests that it is time for the Rangers to start getting creative in their approach to starting pitching.

Banning or regulating the shift could alter the trajectory of Joey Gallo’s career.

Patrick Wisdom still has some value even if Jurickson Profar doesn’t end up getting traded.

There will be no big presents under our tree this offseason.

Jon Daniels says this is not the offseason to go signing marquee players.