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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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Perhaps it was me who hated him

WWE Superstars For Sandy Relief Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for WWE

Good morning.

Seems like half the dang players in Major League Baseball were non-tendered last week. Levi Weaver looks at five such players who could make some sense in Texas.

Was bringing Jesse Chavez back to Texas a good idea? Keith Law seems to think it should work out.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers are aiming to make their new stadium pitching/hitting neutral and won’t be opting for Minute Maid-esque gimmicks. Fake grass is kind of a gimmick, though, huh?

And, lastly for this morning, Evan Grant noted over the weekend that they’re probably gonna put an XFL team in the desiccated corpse of our beautiful home. :(

Have a nice day!