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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Welcome to the first week of the baseball season

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images

Good morning. Spring Training begins this week.

In case you’ve missed the nonstop blitz of moves this winter, Joey Hayden recaps the players who left the Rangers and the players who joined the club ahead of camp.

Jeff Wilson writes that this could be the final camp with Texas for each of Cole Hamels, Elvis Andrus, and Adrian Beltre. So, enjoy it while it lasts, I guess.

Evan Grant lists each of the 64 players who will be at Rangers camp and their chances of making the Opening Day 25-man roster.

Anthony Castrovince has heard of Willie but he must not know know about June Calhoun if his 30 burning questions for all 30 teams are any indication.

Tim Cowlishaw writes that the winter’s malaise in baseball economics isn’t murder, it’s just math.

And, lastly, Mike Petriello of MLB ranks the positional rankings to determine how the rankings position the positions...or something.

Have a nice day!