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Sunday morning Rangers things

Sunday morning Rangers news and links

Texas Rangers v Houston Astros Photo by Jason Behnken / Getty Images

Good morning, folks...

Negotiations between the Texas Rangers and free agent reliever Seung Hwan Ho have reached an impasse, and despite reports last week of an agreement being reached, the Rangers won’t be signing Ho.

Jeff Wilson talks about the importance of Elvis Andrus to the Rangers clubhouse.

Gerry Fraley looks at the three new Rangers who are expected to be part of the 2018 rotation.

Cole Hamels is finding inspiration from Bartolo Colon heading into 2018. The Rangers are hoping their young pitchers can learn from Colon.

Jeff Banister stayed up late Friday watching TCU baseball.

T.R. Sullivan’s notes hit on, among other things, Matt Bush’s changeup, TCU baseball, and Matt Moore’s knee.