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Five Texas Rangers Prospect Sleepers

They’re under-the-radar, but hopefully they won’t be for long.

Foxes in a Snow Field in Miyagi
Sleep is healthy. NOW WAKE UP!
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[opens eyes, then rubs them with the thumb-side of both index fingers]

[squints, then goes wide-eyed]

It’s baseball season. Well, almost. The fellas are back in Arizona and the cleats are crunching. Truth be told, we really know it’s baseball season when the internet wakes up and begins to complain. So yeah, it’s baseball season.

I’ll be taking my customary sojourn to the sand next month and reporting to you live, in person, on tape, in written words and video from the backfields. Until then, I’m trying to brush up on the nether-reaches of the farm.

We all know Leody, we all know HFC, we all know Gat Ragans. And I’m excited about them too, but I got a very important job to do here and that job is to turn over every stone in the system and find you the next Kyle Hendricks. Just kidding, I have no idea what’s happened to that kid since Texas traded him to the White Sox. Anyway, without further ado, here’s 5 sleepers in Texas’ system.

Melvin Novoa-C

My affection for backstops is no secret. My affection for a backstop at least one scout has plunked a 70-arm grade on is borderline blushing. And Novoa can hit a bit too. He’s got some power and seems to know the zone at the plate. While behind it, he threw out 37% of would-be basestealers for Spokane last year. He ain’t perfect and has a rap sheet replete with a PED suspension to prove it, but he’s a catcher who can throw and hit, so I’m in.

Noah Bremer- RHP

Noah was U-Washington’s Friday night starter and the 6’5” lanky right-hander is a projection project. I’m told he’s added a pack of good muscle since signing with Texas for $150K last summer and his low-90s FB has ticked up a couple notches. He’ll be 22 in May and is gonna need a big jump in the secondaries (currently a CB/CH- maybe a CT or SL coming soon?) to vault into dude status, but his 4bb/30k in 20ip debut for Spokane was enough to open some eyes.

Ryan Dease- RHP

Here he is, the next Kyle Hendricks. 100% chance this crafty smarty pants turns into a Cy Young candidate. Bank on it. Just kidding; that’s ridiculous, but this 6’3” 180lb righty features a low-90s FB and has $340K in his bank account minus taxes and 4% to his agent and at least one steak dinner. Texas’ 4th rounder from last year will finish Spring Training and still only be 18 years old, so there’s lots to grow on. I’m told he’s got an advanced idea of what he’s doing on the bump, so yeah, he’s Hendricks. For sure.

Sam Huff- C

Huff is a big young man. 6’4” and at least 215lbs. Can he stay a catcher? TBD. But for now, he’s gonna stay there. And he’s got power. He threw out 30% of runners last year in his second stint with the AZL Rookies, but he’s known for his power. Did I mention he’s got some power? If he hits the ball over the fence and stays at C, he’s an easy dude. If he hits the ball over the fence and plays LF or RF or 3B, he’s a dude. Cuz power is cool.

Miguel Aparicio- OF

Not sure how Miggy keeps flying under everyone’s radar because just about every scout I’ve spoken with thinks the 18 year-old will play in the big leagues. I guess it could be due in part to the fact Miggy doesn’t have any single loud tool. He doesn’t smash it at the plate or spray doubles off the walls in every plate appearance. His arm doesn’t jump out as double plus, and he ain’t burnin’ a path around the bases. But he’s a helluva baseball player. His gut and his guts are double-plus and guys who don’t waste ABs and can play all 3 OF positions with great makeup often end up accruing some time in the 3-tiered ballparks.

Listen, we’re all just getting going. I know what you’re thinking: this thing is never gonna get going this season. But you’re wrong. Texas’ ‘bout to pop off to a 20-8 start and all will be right with the universe. Then everyone other than us can go back to REALLY ignoring our 5 deep farm sleepers.

As Always, Enjoy Baseball!

Love Ya!