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Wednesday Morning Links


MLB: Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

CJ Nitkowski has apologized for liking a tweeted photo of the U.S. Women’s Olympic hockey team, because even something as uncontroversial as “yay, USA!” is tainted by white supremacists.

Doug Brocail is confident that Doug Brocail is going to be awesome in 2018.

Jake Diekman has some unusual velocity, among other Ranger notes.

Jeff Banister liked some things about Matt Bush’s first start, and Joey Gallo is continuing to grow.

Is it safe to say, 4 games into the Spring, that Rougned Odor has turned it around? Yes, it is.

The Rangers have signed Tim Lincecum, who hasn’t been a good pitcher in 7 years, because, hey, why not.

Jake Diekman feels just grand after his spring debut.

Lincecum is auditioning for a bullpen role because the best thing to do with a dumpster fire is to throw more stuff on it.

Mac Engel is shaking his head sadly at the Lincecum signing.

The new Globe Life field will have bigger seats to accommodate your enormous butt.