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Split Squad Texas Rangers lineups for Monday

The Rangers play a pair today, with the regulars mostly in the evening game

MLB: Spring Training-Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Dodgers Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers have a pair of split-squad games today, one this afternoon and one in the evening, and the matinee is mostly reserves, with the starters concentrated in the evening game.

The afternoon lineup:

Tocci — CF

Profar — SS

Mazara -- RF

Gallo — DH

Barney — 2B

Calhoun — LF

Marte -- 3B

Centeno -- C

Guzman — 1B

Nick Clayton Blackburn takes the mound against the Indians. ed note -- I’m surprised this is the first time I’ve called Clayton, Nick. If he ends up on the major league roster I’ll probably do it several more times.

The evening lineup:

DeShields — CF

Choo -- RF

Elvis — SS

Beltre -- 3B

Odor — 2B

Chirinos — C

Robinson -- LF

Plouffe -- 1B

Lopes -- 2B

Jesse Chavez with the start against the Royals.