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The 2018 LSB “Which is Higher” Predictions Contest

There are 44 sets of numbers, based on what various Rangers players, or the team, will do in 2018. For each set, pick which one will be larger.

Minnesota Twins v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This is our annual over/under predictions contest for the 2018 Texas Rangers.

This was something Sky Kalkman came up with, and I stole this from him, including the instructions. Here’s how it works:

Below you will find 44 pairs of numbers. In each case, you tell me which number will be bigger. One point for each correct answer. Most points wins.

Ties — and I expect there to be a nontrivial number of them — go to the side that had fewer votes. For example, here is a pair of numbers:

Wins by the Yankees

Wins by the Red Sox

Let’s say 41 people take the Yankees and 54 take the Red Sox. If the Yankees and Red Sox end up with the same number of wins, then each Yankee-backer will get a point and each Red Sox-backer will not.

As a point of clarification, the questions are asking just what a given player will do for the Texas Rangers -- so if there’s a question about Adrian Beltre’s home runs, and he hits 20 for the Rangers, then gets traded and hits 10 for the Yankees, the number we would use is 20, not 30.

The questions are below: