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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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Rangers twitter account

Good morning. Apparently the Rangers saved all their wins for the state of Texas.

How can you tell we’re nearing the Spring Training finish line? We’re getting game stories from Levi Weaver again!

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers are ready to take on the challenge of facing the Astros on Opening Day.

Jeff Wilson notes that Bartolo Colon was brought back and he’ll make a start for Texas next Monday in Oakland.

With Colon back in the fold, but likely not on the roster until next week, Weaver predicts the apparent final 25 men who will be on the team on Opening Day.

A team of Jim Callis, Jonathan Mayo and Mike Rosenbaum look at the AL West prospects who will have the biggest impact on the 2018 season. Willie Calhoun is listed for the Rangers but perhaps the trio wasn’t informed that the Rangers apparently think Ryan Rua is better than Calhoun.

As has become an annual tradition, the Rangers introduced us to their new wacky, eat-it-on-a-dare concessions menu and it included some real disgusting (delicious?) abominations.

Anthony Andro was on hand to sample the menu and Robert Philpot of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram even provides a review of each new item.

If you’re ever curious as to why the Rangers don’t class the joint up or don’t just install a Whataburger at The Ballpark, consider that the entire dang Internet is talking about the pickle corn dog. Good food doesn’t make viral memes.

Have a nice day!