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Opening Series Preview

The Texas Rangers versus the Houston Astros in the first series of the 2018 season

Cleveland Indians v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

All you need to know about the the four game opening series:

And that’s it. See y’all next series.

Ok I’m just kidding but like it’s really hard not to feel like I’m getting punched in the gut when I think about the Rangers starting the season against their once little brother who couldn’t catch a break who is now hit a growth spurt, grew 12 inches, is huge and are now the reigningworldserieschamps. *gags*

So that’s how the Texas Rangers will start their season that definitely won’t be the best but y’all I really don’t think it’ll be the worst either.

If you read anything I wrote last season, you know I’m not super quick to count the Rangers out of anything, which is my die hard fan side coming out because I just refuse to accept the Rangers ever being terrible. Again, they won’t be great but lets be real, neither will like 10 other teams because the American League is pretty awful compared to how many teams actually have a chance in the National League.

The second wild card probably won’t be but a few games over .500 so I’m not so quick to count the Rangers out. Even if it is a stretch.

I digress.

Back to what we’re here for, preview of the opening series.

The Astros were 12-7 against the Rangers last season.

The home opener will match up Cole Hamels and Justin “totally forgot he’s an Astro now” Verlander (his official middle name.) This is the first time they’ve faced off against each other.

Elvis has the most at-bats against Verlander at 26 with a .423 average. Evan Gattis has the most at-bats against Hamels, at 25 with a .360 average.

Game two is Keuchel vs Fister.

Fister is 1-5 at Globe Life with an 8.73 ERA... which is his highest ERA for any AL ballpark... so that’s fun. *nervous laughter*

Game Three is McCullers Jr vs Moore.

Elvis has four RBIs in 11 at-bats against Lance “Nobody knows where Arlington is” McCullers Jr. Beltre has three RBIs in 10 at-bats.

Moore last pitched against Houston in 2016, for what its worth, he’s 3-0 and has a 1.42 ERA in three career starts against them,

Game four and closing out the series is Cole vs Minor.

So Mike Minor missed the 2015 and 2016 season and was used as a bullpen guy last year. He did face the Astros three times in 2017, allowing just one run in his 3 23 relief innings against them.

Beltre and Elvis each have a couple at-bats against Gerrit Cole but nothing to show for it. Cole was 12-12 last season in 33 starts last season.

Now let’s all thank the baseball gods for not making the Rangers play at Houston’s home opener because I think that would be extra gut wrenching.

Anyway, Happy Opening Day!