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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Rangers take their 2010 World Series revenge at last

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San Francisco Giants v Texas Rangers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Good morning.

If you were wondering why Adrian Beltre hadn’t played in a spring game until yesterday, it’s not because he was nursing an injury, it’s because, as Jeff Wilson writes, he’s come around to the idea that he’s baseball-old. (Also, Spring Training is pointless when you’re Adrian Freakin’ Beltre.)

Indeed T.R. Sullivan writes that Beltre and the Rangers are fine with taking it slow this spring if it means more Regular Season Beltre.

The Rangers still don’t really know how their rotation will shake out is the latest word amid Wilson’s Surprise Five.

Much to the delight of Cole Hamels, Sullivan writes that the Rangers will probably still use their veteran starters on regular rest.

Cuban prospect Julio Pablo Martinez is eligible to sign today and Wilson writes the Rangers are trying their darndest to land him.

Levi Weaver’s preview of the starting staff looks at the possible 4+1/2+1/2+1 six-man rotation equation.

Wilson notes that once the Rangers announce the signing of Tim Lincecum, Matt Moore — who pitched against his and Lincecum’s old Giants team on Monday — is willing to give Lincecum his jersey No. 55 if he wants it.

And, lastly, have you ever wondered why Surprise, Arizona has such an astonished name? Landon Haaf solves the mystery.

Have a nice day!