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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Official Site of the Bartolo Colon Fan Club

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Texas Rangers v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Good morning.

Levi Weaver has his game story on Bartolo Colon and the almost perfect night as the Rangers won 3-1 in Houston.

Evan Grant calls Colon’s bid for a perfecto against the Astros magical and lists all the reasons why.

Stefan Stevenson recaps the second consecutive tenth inning victory for the Rangers over the Astros where Colon took impeccable aim at history for as long as he could.

T.R. Sullivan writes not only about Colon’s near-perfection but also on the Rangers coming through with another win in Houston to pick up their first series win of the season.

Matt Monagan catalogues the sights and sounds as the 44-year-old Colon was shoving on the mound while remaining calm in the dugout.

Jessica Kleinschmidt writes that the Internet’s baseball mascot taking a perfect game into the late innings against the world champs had everyone losing their minds.

Andrew Simon and Manny Randhawa are full of facts and figures from what ended up being a rather historic battle between Colon and Justin Verlander last night.

Sullivan notes that Tim Lincecum has succumbed to the world’s most vicious blister so that the Rangers could claim slugging prospect Renato Nunez off waivers from the A’s.

Stevenson notes that Lincecum is itching to get back to the big leagues but now will have to wait until the end of May at the earliest after hitting the 60-day DL to make roster space.

And, lastly, Jamey Newberg has some fun predicting how the lineup might look come 2021.

Have a nice day!