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6-12 - Rangers are anything but perfect in 8-4 loss to Rays

Last night’s game was way more enjoyable than tonight’s game

Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

I hope you had a good time watching Bartolo Colon carve up the Astros last night because the Rangers were back at it tonight and the experience was anything but fun.

It seems the bull that Martin Perez had slaughtered and devoured after startling him to a broken elbow this winter has won the war, if not the battle. Perez has given up 29 (!) hits and allowed 18 runs in his three starts despite the thought that maybe this would finally be the year he put it all together and became a solid starter.

There’s always 2019!

Also, Jurickson Profar left the game with an injured head after taking a bad fall on a double play attempt at the second base bag.

The Rangers, as usual, pay a hefty price for their tiny morsels of joy.

Player of the Game: Joey Gallo hit one off the catwalk because he is a strong and handsome lad.

Up Next: Matt Moore will try to not embarrass himself in front of his old team in the second game of this series. First pitch from the Trop is scheduled for 6:10 pm CT.