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Minor Notes — Suggestions for Minor League Walkup Music

A Few Suggestions For Minor League Walkup Music

Arizona Diamondbacks v Houston Astros
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

This is a note that won’t mean much for most of us, but for the very few, very very smart and intelligent and worldly and self-aware and amazing minor league ballplayers who read this stuff, it’s an invitation for you to get weird this season. Wear your pants high on days other than Sunday. Wear stirrups. Play catch with a kid in the stands. It’s the minor leagues. Weird out.

Give the ol’ Heisman to 21 Savage, Drake, Eric Church, Metallica and Cardi B. They’re boring. Be weird. And as Anton Chekov once said, “Irony isn’t funny”, so leave the Spongebob songs to the summer camp days. (Anton Chekov never said that. I made it up) Here’s some songs with interesting 15-second openings that’ll leave ‘em guessing in the stands.




I dare you:

I double dare you:

I double-dog dare you:

It’s whatever, man:

When you’re cool like Leody:

Fortune favors the spirited:

A personal fave:

NSFW past the 15 second mark:

Not “The Cheetahs”:

This sounds so upbeat, buuuuut...

A King:

For the olds in Sec. 118:


They ain’t ready for your funk:

A classic to dance to the dish:

Saved the best for last:

Anyways, choose one of these or something else original or choose “God’s Plan” like everyone else. Regardless, see you at the park on Thursday! Viva MiLB!!!

As Always, Enjoy Baseball!

Love Ya!