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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Hoping you have a better week than the weekend had by the bottom of the order

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MLB: Houston Astros at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Levi Weaver writes about Mike Minor’s Texas debut in his recap of the Rangers’ 8-2 loss to the Astros.

Dave Sessions notes that Joey Gallo (and hey, Drew Robinson, too!) hit a home run, so there’s that.

Stefan Stevenson writes that among the issues for the Rangers in the debut series of the season was the dreadful performance from the bottom of the lineup.

Sessions writes that, for whatever reason, the Rangers are impressed by Carlos Tocci — and there are also has notes on Bartolo Colon and Elvis Andrus.

Weaver writes that a plan devised after a meeting with the San Antonio Spurs might be to blame, er thank, for Tocci.

Jamey Newberg writes that the 2018 Rangers look to be a challenge for fans unlike any we’ve had in nearly a decade.

And, lastly, here comes Colon to save the day.

Have a nice day!