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1-4 - Rangers have no answer for Triggs, fall to A’s 3-1

Bartolo was big and sexy enough but the lineup continues to be aggressively unattractive

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

You can read all about the nice Bartolo Colon stuff from this game below. Instead, let’s talk about the bottom of the lineup again. Traditionally, the bottom of a lineup is considered hitters No. 7-9. Those hitters for Texas, after collecting three hits total, combined, in the four game series against the Astros to open the season, went 2-for-10 with a couple of walks, a couple of singles, and three strikeouts.

So, yeah, that’s still not very good. Except tonight, it wasn’t even the worst chunk of the lineup. The middle of the order, hitters No. 4-6 for the Rangers, went 1-for-12 with a single and seven strikeouts.

Once again the Rangers’ bottom six hitters combined for three total hits — all singles — and ten strikeouts. As a whole, the offense went 1-15 with RISP and left eleven runners on the bags. That’s no way to win a baseball game and to no surprise the Rangers didn’t.

Player of the Game: Credit where credit is due: Colon is 147 years old and built like a Eric Nadel approved MyPillow but he tossed a gritty veteran Colby Lewis start out there in Oakland tonight.

Colon gave the Rangers six innings of one-run ball with the only run coming off a solo home run. The Rangers didn’t score enough runs to get him a win but he pitched arguably the best game by a Rangers starter so far this season.

Up Next: Texas and Oakland are back at it tomorrow night with the rotations flipping over so we’ll see Cole Hamels on the mound for the Rangers opposite Ranger-killer RHP Kendall Graveman for the A’s. First pitch is scheduled once again for 9:05 pm CT so make sure to catch a nap.