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Bubba Thompson first look from Hickory

John Calvagno has notes from his look at Bubba Thompson’s Sally League debut

Houston Astros  v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Bubba Thompson, Texas Rangers first round draft pick from 2017, was newly added to the Hickory Crawdads roster this past week. John Calvagno had a chance to take a look at Thompson and offer some notes on his first look at Thompson.

Thompson was a multi-sport athlete in high school who the Rangers took at #26 overall in the draft last year. He and Tyreque Reed both were added to the Crawdads roster last week, and both have been impressive in the very early going. Thompson’s first four games in the South Atlantic League have resulted in a .333/.368/.611 slash line in 19 plate appearances, along with a stolen base.

Thompson is one of the Rangers’ toolsy guys, and his defense, power potential and speed is enough that he won’t have to hit a ton to have value going forward. Calvagno has some positive things to say about Thompson, so be sure to hit the link and check it out.