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2018 MLB mock draft: Fangraphs latest mock draft out

Fangraphs has their latest 2018 MLB mock draft out

Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

2018 MLB mock draft: Fangraphs has their latest version of their mock draft out today, and they have the Rangers taking North Carolina high school outfielder Jordyn Adams at #15.

The Fangraphs guys say they Rangers are are “tied mostly to upside prep types,” which has been pretty much the team’s m.o. for a while now. Adams is definitely someone who fits the Rangers’ draft profile, being a high-risk, high-reward toolsy type who also plays football, and who could be a star if his hit tool develops.

You can compare how Fangraphs has the first round shaking out with Keith Law’s mock draft, where he has the Rangers taking Jarred Kelenic, and Baseball America’s mock draft, which currently has the Rangers going with Florida prep pitcher Carter Stewart.

We are currently just 20 days away from the 2018 MLB draft, which starts on June 4, 2018. There will be, no doubt, several more mock drafts and changes in the way the wind is supposedly blowing between now and then.