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Lenny Dykstra arrested for threatening Uber driver

Former major league outfielder Lenny Dykstra was arrested in the early morning hours for threatening an Uber driver

Lenny Dykstra Celebrates the launch of ‘Players Club’ Magazine

Lenny Dykstra was arrested last night for threatening an Uber driver, per reports out of New Jersey. Dykstra, a long-term former major league outfielder with a, shall we say, colorful resume of post-playing-career activities, was arrested after allegedly threatening to kill the Uber driver after the driver wouldn’t agree to change the destination for the ride Dykstra had ordered. The story indicates that Dykstra was charged with “third-degree making terroristic threats and various drug offenses,” the latter charges arising from Dykstra being found with MDMA, marijuana and cocaine on him.

Dykstra, you may recall, gained fame when his playing career was over for supposedly being a financial genius who was touted by Jim Cramer and sold an investing newsletter before it was revealed that his “system” for investing in options was simply a variation on the Martingale betting system. He got involved in real estate investments, including buying Wayne Gretzky’s house, started a luxury magazine for athletes called “The Player’s Club,” and indulged in chartering private jets before it came out that he was essentially running a shell game and ended up filing for bankruptcy.

Before this, Dykstra has been arrested for, among other things, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, bankruptcy fraud, grand theft auto, and drug possession, and was accused by an escort of writing her a bad check for $1000 for her services. He served six months in the federal pen in early 2013 for the grand theft auto and identity theft charges.

Before becoming known for his off-the-field shenanigans, Dykstra was a reall good center fielder for the Mets and Phillies, accumulating a career bWAR of 42.5, finishing second in the MVP balloting in 1993, and winning a ring with the Mets in 1986.