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Thursday Morning Links


MLB: Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought things were going to get better, well, they’re probably not (at least for the next week).

Gerry Fraley has some things you may not know about the next team to beat our brains in.

The Rangers have put Chris Martin on the DL and brought up Nick Gardewine.

Gerry Fraley has a minor league roundup where we can focus on Bibens-Dirkx getting Round Rock their first win from a starter instead of the bloodbath that is the big league team.

Since it turns out that Juan Centeno does not actually guarantee a win when starting he may be out of a job.

Matt Moore has had a historically bad start to the season.

The Rangers have moved Elvis Andrus to the 60 day DL and claimed catcher Carlos Perez off waivers.

Elvis Andrus was hoping to return by late May but Baphomet will always get his due.

Matt Moore knows why he sucks, but not how to fix it.