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13-21 - Rangers fall to Red Sox in impromptu Home Run Derby

A Texas offense that scored 11 runs last night sputtered to just one run tonight

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Texas Rangers Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Folks generally like Bartolo Colon because he seems like he should be a ficitional PED-surviving living meme adulterer who looks like someone’s Build-A-Bear came to life to throw baseballs for 25 years. Colon being good now at nearly 45 years old defies logic and makes you think your uncle you once saw almost dunk a basketball could actually be a big leaguer. That’s fun.

I like Bartolo Colon because he’s like Colby Lewis never left us. Tonight Colon allowed four runs in seven innings and they all came on solo home runs.

You’ve heard of a quality start, which is three runs or fewer in six or more innings. You’ve heard of a “Maddux,” which is a complete game shutout in under 100 pitches.

Seven innings or more while being charged with only solo home runs should be called a “Colby”. Bartolo Colon threw a Colby tonight. Of course, when Colby threw his Colbys the Rangers often won because the offense could hit. No such luck for Bartolo’s Colby tonight.

Player of the Game: Like last night, Nomar Mazara hit a double and a home run. Unlike last night, however, the Rangers didn’t put anyone on base for Maz’s extra base barrage.

Up Next: The Rangers and Red Sox play the third game of this series with Cole Hamels scheduled to make the start for Texas against LHP Eduardo Rodriguez of Boston. First pitch from Arlington is scheduled for 7:05 pm CT.