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Texas Rangers rumors: Cole Winn to sign for less than slot

Jon Heyman says first rounder Cole Winn’s deal with the Rangers is for below slot

Texas Rangers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors: Cole Winn, first round pick in the 2018 MLB Draft and the #15 pick overall, has a deal with the Texas Rangers for “a bit below slot,” according to Jon Heyman. Slot for the #15 pick is $3,738,500.

All indications have been that the Rangers would sign all their picks from the first ten rounds, which are the picks which have to sign in order for you to have access to your full bonus pool funds, so the fact that the Rangers have a deal with Winn isn’t surprising. Winn was generally seen as a top 10 player in this draft class, however, and so there was some thought that he would sign for slot or above, so the fact he’s coming in below slot is somewhat noteworthy. This allows the Rangers to apply some of the savings to other players in the draft class.

It is anticipated that the Rangers will have a press conference today to announce the signing of their top picks. Third rounder Jonathan Ornelas and fifth rounder Jayce Easley also have reportedly agreed to deals, with Easley getting $500,000, which is $152,900 above slot money for his spot, and second rounder Owen White is reportedly in Arlington and planning to sign today, per reports.

UPDATE: We have this from Gerry Fraley:

UPDATE II -- Per Jim Callis, second rounder Owen White is getting $1.5 million to sign, compared to slot of $1,257,500.

UPDATE III — Also per Jim Callis, the Rangers are going well above slot to sign their fourth rounder, Mason Englert — slot is $464,700, and he’s getting $1 million. A righthanded high school pitcher from Forney, he was viewed as someone who could be a potential first rounder should he go to Texas A&M and progress as some believe he can.