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27-43 - Rangers gain fresh bad blood with Dodgers, lose 3-2 in extras anyway

While the Rangers and Dodgers were brawling, Adrian Beltre was setting a nifty record at his old haunt

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

No one cares but here’s my take on the brawl:

Nomar Mazara threw a laser and Matt Kemp was out by a third of the basepath because he’s so slow and unathletic he makes Justin Smoak look like a world class sprinter, but instead of just accepting the tag from nice man Robinson Chirinos and giving his third base coach the stink eye like a normal human being, he bowed up with both arms and went for the truck stick at a fairly defenseless dude with a history of head injuries.

Both were ejected because, let’s face it, things would have gotten very ugly later on in the evening if they hadn’t been.

The Dodgers are lucky that, when these things happen against Texas, the Rangers have one eye on the opponent and the other on Keone Kela making sure he isn’t squeezing a guy’s head off with his bare hands like that scene at the end of 28 Days Later.

The Rangers welcome the Dodgers and Kemp to Arlington in August and if it wasn’t a Fireworks Night proper on the schedule, it is one now.

Oh yeah, and the Rangers lost their sixth consecutive game...

Player of the Game: Adrian Beltre is now the all-time leader in Major League Baseball history in hits by a foreign-born player. Pretty rad that Beltre got to break the record at Dodger Stadium.

Beltre also had three hits on the night, reached four times, made a sick play in the field, and scored on a crafty slide at the plate. You know, just nightly Beltre things.

Up Next: The Rangers don’t play the Dodgers again tomorrow night, because this series was a two-game set, so Kemp gets to remain bruise free (a note: I’m not saying anyone should be hit with a baseball, I’m just saying someone will be) for a couple of months. Instead, Texas has the day off before starting a series against Colorado in Arlington on Friday.