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Rangers week in Review: The One with Extra Dad Power

It was a weird, vexing, frustrating, and yet exciting week for the Rangers

Colorado Rockies v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

We all know baseball can be really bad or really good. For the Rangers it’s been on the bad side for most of this season but when baseball doesn’t have us rolling our eyes “because of course that happened to them,” it’s punching us in the gut in the most amazing “this is the greatest sport in the world” way. Like Sunday’s game.

It was feeling like really awful, dumb baseball when the Rangers went from an amazing three-run lead taking Profar homer, to them immediately trailing in an instant once again.

And when the Rangers came into the bottom of the 9th, trailing by three, immediately I was pessimistic (which usually I’m not when it comes to the Rangers but we’ve all seen this season.) But then Delino DeShields walked. And then Nomar Mazara walked. And part of me was like “hey maybe something is gonna happen!” However, there was still part of me remembering we were watching the 2018 Rangers which means they give you just a little hope before it’s all snatched away from you. In my mind that was going to be in the form of a fly out and double-play. So I watched the rest of the inning from behind my fingers, literally on the edge of my seat.

Hesitantly optimistic?

Well then Jurickson Profar flies out and Rougned Odor’s up to bat and what else am I supposed to feel other than deflated? Instead, he gets a single to load the bases. And let me tell you, I really like the idea of being super excited about bases loaded because look at all those potential runs! However, I see it as an easy opportunity for a double play. Again, watching this behind my hands, wanting to be excited but also know this can only lead to heartbreak right?!

THEN THE 2018 RANGERS WALKED IN A RUN?! AND THEN JOEY GALLO WALKED IN ANOTHER RUN AND THE ROCKIES KEPT WADE DAVIS IN?!! He was at 32 pitches at that point and they had someone warming up during Gallo’s at-bat. I thought for sure there was no way he’d be facing Trevino.

So it’s 12-11 and I know I wasn’t the only one thinking “wow wouldn’t it be totally if Jose Trevino tied the game here?” I kept going back and forth on if that was something too perfect to happen in real life, it seemed like a good ending to a baseball movie, but as we’ve all come to see sometimes baseball has a way of making movie like moments come to life.

Trevino was crying, I was crying, you were crying.

Because how can you not when when one of the Rangers best prospects gets called up for the purpose of just one game, gets to stay up because the backup catcher gets injured. And then makes his first major league start, his first hit is also his first RBI and ties the game. Then the next day, father’s day, his first father’s day, his son just a week old, he hits a game winning single.

How can you not be in awe of how truly amazing this stupid sport works out sometimes?

Anyway I didn’t mean to turn this into a 9th inning recap but Y’ALL sometimes baseball works out like a movie and damn if it’s not the most amazing thing to ever witness!

  • I also wanted to talk about the benches clearing in L.A. and how stupid it is that Matt Kemp and Robinson Chirinos got suspended the same amount and that Kemp is appealing (which I think you really shouldn’t be allowed to appeal anything under three games but MLB doesn’t ask me for input on rules nor do they seem to actually know their own rules so whatever.) but then Sunday’s game happened and I really just only want to remember the single greatest game of the season.
  • Shin-Soo Choo now has now reached base in 31 straight games
  • Adrian Beltre had two-infield hits on Friday and then a triple on Saturday because you know he’s got wheels!