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Hanley Ramirez investigated on drug charges, per report

Boston investigative report Michele McPhee says Hanley Ramirez is involved in a federal and state investigation

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hanley Ramirez is being looked at as part of an ongoing federal and state investigation, according to investigative reporter Michele McPhee on Twitter. Other reports on Twitter indicate that she is saying in a radio interview that it is in connection with potential drug charges.

Ramirez, the longtime shortstop turned first baseman/DH, was released by the Boston Red Sox earlier this month. The release, by all indications, was performance based, as he was not hitting well, and he as a vesting option for 2019 based on plate appearances that the team clearly wanted to avoid triggering.

The is a bizarre and remarkable story, and it kind of boggles the mind to think of the implications if it is true. Reports on Twitter indicate that the Red Sox are denying any knowledge of an investigation, and deny any legal issue was involved with their decision to release him.

UPDATE — Well, it looks like Ramirez’s name was dropped by a friend who had drugs on him in an effort to get attention off himself, but Ramirez himself is not being investigated. He’s apparently not done anything wrong.