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Sandy Alderson, New York Mets general manager, taking leave of absence

Per reports on Twitter, Mets g.m. Sandy Alderson will be taking a leave of absence due to health reasons

MLB: New York Yankees at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Sandy Alderson, New York Mets general manager, is taking a leaving of absence to deal with personal health issues. Filling in for Alderson in the g.m. role in his absence will be John Ricco, J.P. Ricciardi and Omar Minaya, per the linked report above from Anthony DiComo. DiComo’s tweets indicate that Alderson will undergo surgery later this year due to a recurrence of cancer.

Alderson was hired by the Mets after the 2010 season to replace then-general manager Minaya. He has overseen the organization since then, which has included a World Series appearance in 2015, though his reign has been checked by criticism of the lack of spending by ownership, as well as some questionable decisions in regards to roster management as it relates to injury situations with the players. Prior to that, he was the general manager for the Oakland A’s from 1983 through 1997, when he was succeeded by one of his proteges, Billy Beane. He then worked in the Commissioners office before being CEO of the San Diego Padres from 2005 through 2009.

Ricco has been an assistant general manager for the Mets since 2006, and was the interim g.m. for almost a month between Minaya being fired and Alderson being hired. Ricciardi was part of the A’s front office before joining the Toronto Blue Jays as general manager in November, 2001, a job he held until he was fired after the 2009 season, and was brought to the Mets by Alderson in 2010. Minaya was originally a scout for the Texas Rangers in the 1980s, worked in the Mets from office in the 90s, became general manager of the Montreal Expos in 2002 (where he made the famous Bartolo Colon trade with the Cleveland Indians), joined the Mets as general manager from 2004 until he was fired in 2010, and was hired by Alderson to return to the Mets in 2017.