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Thursday Morning Links


MLB: San Diego Padres at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Robinson Chirinos has been hit by a punch of pitches this year, both as a catcher and as a batter.

Martin Perez is getting “close to normal” in Frisco.

Ryan Rua has a chance to match Scooter Feldman and Al Levine as the only Ranger players to be promoted from AAA five times in a season.

Matt Minor flirted with a perfect game until the seventh inning yesterday.

Perez says his elbow “feels good.”

Shin Soo Choo has tied the ML league for longest on-base streak this season at 40 games.

Matt Minor appears to be putting to rest any concerns that he might not be ready for the rotation.

Ivan Rodriguez is going to open a pizza restaurant inside Texas Live.