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The One After the Break

A short hot week that at least ended with a win

Cleveland Indians v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The Rangers came back after the All-Star break and what shouldn’t be too much of a shock, lost the series to the Cleveland Indians. And lost badly. But this is a bad team and while they’re not as good as they have been the past couple of years, Cleveland is a good team.

Even still it surprises me when I see fans on twitter mad at how the Rangers are playing, calling Saturday’s lost specifically embarrassing. Personally, I didn’t find that game embarrassing. I expected that. That’s how you should expect a basement team to play. Sure Cleveland would be in fourth place if they were in the AL West but relatively speaking, they’re good. If the Rangers Saturday game had been against the Orioles who as of Sunday afternoon had a .283 win percentage, that would be embarrassing.

Don’t expect much in this upcoming four game series against Oakland either, because they’re currently 56-43 and three games back from second place in the West.

I don’t think the Rangers will be a 100 loss team but they’re not gonna be all that fun to watch 90% of the time.

(The above was written before they decided to shutout Cleveland on Sunday and I needed to just air some things out, If you made it this far, THANKS!)

Anyway they shutout Cleveland in the series finale, thanks to six solid innings by Gallardo and three RBI’s from Rougie. Ryan Rua also hit a 2-run homer.

(OH! That reminds me, Carlos Tocci got his first extra base hit on Saturday. It’s July. That was his fourth hit. Do with that information what you want.)

Joey Gallo has started in right field since Willie Calhoun was brought up and it took him all of two games to acclimate and show off his canon arm.

Rougie has been extremely fun to watch lately, so far through July he’s batting .364 and his defense has been much better as well.

Finally, as always, Beltre has made watching games worth while: