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47-63 - Rougned Odor is basically Hank Aaron now as Rangers demolish Orioles

Yovani Gallardo vs. Andrew Cashner goes emphatically to the Rangers 17-8

Baltimore Orioles v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tonight, the Rangers scored in every inning except for the fifth when they left runners on second and third base.

Tonight, every member of the Ranger lineup had at least one hit and one run scored.

Tonight, the only members of the Ranger lineup to not drive in a run was Adrian Beltre and Shin-Soo Choo. Think about that!

Tonight, Joey Gallo went 3-for-5 with a dong, three runs scored, two RBI, and a walk while making plays in right field and he wasn’t the best player on the field.

Tonight, Jurickson Profar went 2-for-5 with a three-run blast, two runs scored, four RBI, and a walk and no he wasn’t the best player on the field either.

Tonight was, as it has often been recently, Rougned Odor’s night. Tonight, Rougie went 1-for-1. So, yeah, no big deal right? He homered in his lone official at-bat. Big dang deal. That is, except that Odor actually had six plate appearances.

Yes. That means Rougned Odor walked five times tonight. That’s the same Rougned Odor that walked a TOTAL of 19 times in 150 games in 2016 and just 32 times in 162 games last season.

Here’s a list of people who had walked five times in one game for the Texas Rangers before tonight:

  • Mark Teixeira
  • Milton Bradley

That’s it. That’s the entire list. Except now it includes Rougned Odor who had a career walk rate of 4.6 % coming into tonight.

Want an even more impressive list of names Odor now joins? Check this out:

So, yeah, Rougned Odor is basically Hank Aaron now. Baseball, man.

Player of the Game:

Up Next: Ariel Jurado makes the first start of his career at The Ballpark against David Hess for Baltimore. First pitch from Arlington is scheduled for 7:05 pm CT.