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56-71 - Rangers do their part to shake up AL West race, lose 9-0

Operation Screw Houston is in full effect

MLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

No one wants to see the Astros win the AL West. They’re old news. They’ve lived long enough to become the villain. Everyone wants to see the Astros get hilariously blasted out of the playoffs.

Sure, it’s not like we’re friends with any other AL West team but it would be supremely funny if the 2018 Oakland Athletics won the division and made Houston have to play a Wild Card game with their fingers crossed.

The Rangers were just doin’ their duty to make Houston sweat tonight. You’re welcome, everyone.

Player of the Game: I mean, Bartolo Colon gave up like ten home runs and the Rangers had one hit through the first seven innings of the game, so...

Up Next: The Rangers and A’s reconvene for the second game of this series with Ariel Jurado set to square off against LHP Brett Anderson for Oakland. First pitch from Oakland Coliseum is scheduled for 9:05 pm CT.