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56-72 - Rangers left their bats in Texas, get shutout in Oakland again 6-0


Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

It seems like every five years or so Billy Beane’s will pile together a grab bag of nobodies and they’ll magic genie wish their way into the playoffs. They made a movie about it once. It was cute until it happened at the expense of the Rangers.

This brings a fan of the Rangers to their current rock and a hard place. The Astros are the new annoying. The Mariners should never be rewarded for their general incompetence. The Angels are the literal worst. But the Athletics are perpetually recycled to become plucky and amusing.

...except they have Jonathan Lucroy this time and the underdog card can only be played so many times.

Maybe we’re all just Leonys Martin and Cleveland Indians fans.

Oh yeah, the Rangers lost to the A’s 6-0 tonight because Brett Anderson threw a one-hitter.

Player of the Game: Again, much like last night, the Rangers had one hit through the first seven innings of the game as alleged baseball players I wouldn’t even be able to pick out of a police lineup scraped together runs for Oakland. It’s bad all the way down.

Up Next: The Rangers close out this series with a Facebook exclusive matinee. Mike Minor is set to start the finale against RHP Edwin Jackson. Considering the problems they have in Oakland even when it isn’t one of these horseshit seasons for the A’s, I suspect the Rangers will continue to be befuddled by the guy in green.