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58-72 - El Tipo and the Rangers come all the way back to beat Giants 7-6 in 10

That was a crazy way for the Rangers to win their first Players’ Weekend game

MLB: Texas Rangers at San Francisco Giants Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Rougned “El Tipo” Odor hit a game-tying, two-run dinger into McCovey’s Cove off a left-hander who hadn’t allowed a home run to a left-handed hitter all season with two-outs in a game the Rangers trailed 6-0 and after the Giants committed an error on what should have been the final out of the game.

Uh, what?

An inning later, and the Rangers scored the winning run as Sam “Pssst” Dyson 2017 Sam Dyson’d with two outs and walked old battery mate Robinson “Pelo Buche” Chirinos with the bases loaded.

After being swept by the A’s on Players’ Weekend last season, it looked like the Rangers were well on their way to going 0-for-4 in Players’ Weekend games before pulling a Houdini tonight in San Francisco.

Player of the Game: Pudge’s kid was pretty good for the Giants tonight! But also, besides Odor, Joey “Pico De Gallo” Gallo walked, hit an absolute bomb to center field, and drove in what proved to be another important run with a single before exiting with an ugly looking twisted ankle.

Up Next: The Rangers will once again try to win a Players’ Weekend game with Martin “El De Las Matas” Perez set to face off against LHP Andrew “Andy“ Suarez for the Giants. First pitch from AT&T Park is scheduled for 3:05 pm CT.