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58-76 - Rangers have dong problem in 3-1 loss to Dodgers

Texas 1, Los Angeles 3 (solo home runs)

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers are losing a lot again. :(

I guess, at the very least, making their way below that ominous ninth selection in next year’s draft where they would pick tenth because the Braves couldn’t sign their first rounder this year is a thing for Texas to strive for. The Reds are currently a half game “ahead” of the Rangers for the seventh worst record in baseball.

There’s still a month to go which means there’s definitely plenty of time left to really Bogar things up, though. This is the Texas Rangers after all.

Anyhow, the Dodgers swept this mini-series thanks to a few solo home runs in a real void taco (that’s the new way we hip kids say “nothing burger” these days) of a baseball game.

Player of the Game: Is there any even lower effort way to demonstrate the sentiment of a shrug than shrugging? (But really, it’s Jose Leclerc.)

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