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49-65 - Rangers grill up a real nothingburger, lose 4-3 to M’s in 12

The Rangers had three hits in the seventh inning and three hits in the other 11 innings combined

Houston Astros v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

I see that we’ve reached the essentially being no-hit by Wade LeBlanc portion of the season.

Luckily the Rangers were not no-hit. Texas even managed a late innings comeback that tacked an extra three innings onto the game if you’re into free, meaningless baseball.

Alas, the special magic of the 2016 Texas Rangers radiated from the originating park and into the bats and gloves of the usurping visitors.

Player of the Game: We’ve got a new streak! Elvis Andrus has now hit safely in a career high 17 consecutive games! Hoo boy! A reason to watch!

Up Next: Bartolo Colon vs Felix Hernandez sounds like a super cool matchup from 2006. However, in 2018, we’re just rooting for Colon to get that last win he’s searching for as King Felix hopes to not be the ironic albratross that eventually kills Seattle’s best shot at the playoffs in years. First pitch from Arlington is scheduled for 7:05 pm CT.